The Charge of Blasphemy is Bigger than The Blasphemy Itself

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There is an eruption of protests all across the country against the recently announced final verdict in the Asia Bibi’s case by Supreme Court of Pakistan.

As a Pakistani living abroad, it concerns me on many levels. First of all, this notion that the charge of blasphemy is bigger than the blasphemy itself, which is being conveyed to the international community by the protesters and the ones who are leading these protesters.  Secondly, These protests are quite telling of the fact that as a nation Pakistani nation has not grown a bit. They have not analysed the situation with a rational mind but instead followed their emotional instincts and irrational leaders without giving it a second thought, came out on the roads and started burning their own properties. What are they doing this for apparently?  for the honour of their beloved Prophet Of Islam. But in actuality they succumb to the wishes and desires of the organisers of the protests who are actually banking upon the number of the protestors, and willing to make money out of it. The kind of Islam which is being promoted by Maulana Khadim Rizvi and the likes of him is an Isam which gives him the authority to use, vulgar, dirty and  abusive language for anyone he dislikes, but apparently he gets away with it on the pretext of doing this for the sake of honour of Islam or the Prophet of Islam.

How on earth can an abusive and dirty language be a reflector of the respect and reverence of the sacred personalities of any religion or a good character of the one using such a language?

I cannot understand how the Pakistani nation justifies, following such a person whose language is sheerly appaling and abusive, who has no regards for the norms of civilization or general ethical standards.

And what notion they are following? 
"If someone has been alleged to be a blasphemer, he or she should be killed, without even requiring any evidence or asking for any proof for the alleged crime."
What was Asis bb’s case and how she got acquitted, I am not going into those details, you can read all about it just by googling it.   I am just shocked to see the reaction of the Pakistani nation and giving my point of view on that which I thought was necessary to be given.

This call of protest has been made by Tehreek e Labbiak Pakistan founded by Maulana Khadim Hussain Rizvi.

Molana Khadim Hussain Rizvi is in a habit of using abusive language for anyone whomsoever he dislikes, The standard abuse which comes out of the mouth of "The Maulana Khadim Hussain Rizvi" is 
“You Pimp, You Pig, you son of a filthy lady etc,” 
one compilation of the abuses sprouted by Maulana can be seen in this youtube video.
No one dares say anything against him because he has a big following of thousands of emotional devotees. This can in no way be deemed acceptable as he is using the shield of religion for justifying his abusive language and actions.

Now as you can see this person has a crooked and twisted (excuse my language now) personality and reasoning, apparently according to his standards anyone who has been charged with the crime of blasphemy is liable to be killed without any proof. He is the one who praised the killer, Mumtaz Qadri, for assassinating the ex-Governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer, whom he was supposed to protect as a guard. The reason for killing was supporting Asia Bibi and requiring the blasphemy law of Pakistan to be more stringent with regard to the requirement of proof for such a big allegation which is punishable by death.   

This guy Khadim Hussain Rizvi praises the killer of Salman Taseer because he did the right thing according to Khadim Hussain Rizvi's own point of view, which is killing without any proof for safeguarding the honour of the Prophet of Islam. Now when it has been proven in the court beyond any doubt that no blasphemy was ever committed by Asia Bibi, this guy wants all the judges of the supreme court to be hanged.  Why any sane minded person would like to follow such a person, just because of his claims that whatever he does, is for the sake of Islam, is not sufficient enough justification to commit foolishness of such a level. The whole world is getting this message that the Pakistani nation is an emotional nation bereft of any ability to analyse the situation with a calm and rational mind.

This countrywide row of protests against the state is just a mockery of the system by a person who claims to be the protector of the honour of Islam and the Prophet of Islam, whose (Khaidm Rizvis's) personal moral standards are not above board. It's sheerly, truly appaling and unacceptable. These protestors either want that the blasphemy should have happened or they want the charge of blasphemy to be treated at par with blasphemy itself. I am greatly disappointed and ashamed of such kind of behaviour of the nation of Pakistan. 


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