A File In The Cabinet Of The Justice Office

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This is the title of my poem published in a combined book project of Obheal and Cork City Libraries of the Book titled as, “A Journey Called Home”.

I wrote this poem in the context of being an asylum seeker in Ireland and waiting for a decision on Asylum Application for a long time and in some cases it has been over ten years before any decision was made. 

How an asylum seeker can feel while waiting in the state provided Direct Provision Accommodation for the decision on his asylum claim. I am sure many of us can relate to the feelings I expressed in my poem. I am grateful to Cork City Libraries, Obheal and specifically my Mentor, Respected, Mr Paul Casey, Obheal‘s founder for encouraging me and guiding me through all along.

Here is the poem for your kind reading and I have also embedded the video for the same poem as published by Obheal on their youtube channel. 


I was a human
when I came to Ireland for asylum,
To be dealt like a human by other fellow humans,
But now I feel no more the same, 
lying in my hostel, Feeling low and lame, 
just like a file, it is the very same, 
in the cabinet of the justice office.

I am no more than a file now,
I have a lot in my heart,
and a lot more in my mind, 
But what is written in that file,
Is all that gonna compile, 
the threads of my life, as they depend on that file.

If something is missing from it outright,
It does not count in a refugee’s plight,
The file has it all, as they say it,  
Whatever they say, I have to abide,
My mouth is shut my hands are tied,
Feeling as if no one is standing by my side.

How can a person make up his mind,
While relaxing at a table’s behind, 
Just from the file that is lacking, 
love, feeling, sense and a mind.

One who is just sitting behind,
The soulless walls of justice office,
Cannot picture the pain I feel,
To his conviction, it’s not real,
It’s just a story, it’s Just lies and I am just a file.


  1. OH Dear, Assad, that is very touching. Shameful how you guys are treated!

    1. Thanks a million Roos. It's really brilliant how single handedly you have empowered us. You are an army on your own. Apperently as long as you are with us, we feel empowered. Thanks for being a great support.