Programmer Poetically Asking A Girl Out On A Date

Programmer Poetically Asking A Girl Out On A Date


That day we were studying the if statements in Java, Robert, my classmate, who always like to have a laugh and very fond of writing imaginative stories, started having fun with ifs and buts etc in the break time. There during the break in the canteen this freestyle poem came to my mind, I dedicate this poem to my classmate Robert, it's just for fun, a freestyle poetic request to an imaginative girl out on a date.

If you’d like to go on a date
Or else I‘ll take you on a date,
If you say no it’s a Boolean false,
If you say yes that’s a Boolean true,
Else if, in my mind, not going through,
How many pints would you like to have,
Value should be integer or a double though,
We will sit there like curly braces,
Would not leave any blank spaces,
Won't let anyone to go through.
And and or or, I’m not gonna listen,
Or else I will send you to the prison,
Your single yes is only in my vision,
No is never a yes, even if double equal is written,
Everything will happen with only your permission,

Let’s make it a date which u would never hate,
Like static void my application ,
Would not accept any explanation,  
To every other answer I have a reservation,
A yes would enlighten my imagination,  

Asad is not right, he’s feeling heart tight,
You are the only one who can set it right,
Writing a yes to it won't take many bytes,
Look into my eyes they are full of many frights,
Give me an answer which will end my plight.


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