The blogs I write generally, giving out the real-time and first-hand information about my personal experiences as an asylum seeker and my observations are not seemingly very supportive of the general stance of various NGO’s working for the rights of asylum seekers but trust me I support these NGO’s because where we are in terms of the granting of the rights of asylum seekers is because of the undeterred work of many NGO’s.
But when we give credit to many NGOs for their work for the asylum seekers’ rights we should also give credit to the people where it is due. I am talking about the medical facilities provided to the asylum seekers in general at the expense of Taxpayers of Ireland plus the UNO’s fund allocated for asylum seekers.
Though the work rights were not available to asylum seekers until recently when they were granted a limited right to work and training. The basic requirements of an asylum seeker as soon as he arrives in Ireland are taken care of i.e. food, clothes, residence and medical treatment.  
Though there is a lot of debate about the pros and cons of Direct Provision System, as far as the basic requirements of asylum seekers are concerned, they are well taken care of, regardless of the fact that residing conditions in some asylum residences are very poor and needs improvement though.
Anyway, one of the basic requirement is the medical treatment which is free for the asylum seekers, I know many of my friends who are under constant medical treatment for diabetes and regularly booked for various medical tests to asses their physical condition and totally free.
I will narrate my personal experience but before that, I would like to mention an incident happened with one of my friends in the Asylum Accommodation who was treated immediately for a Heart Attack.
One of my friends, we call him “s” for the purposes of privacy, went to Dublin for some reason. A pain started in his chest which was negligible and he ignored it for the better part of one day or two but when it did not show any signs of going away when he decided to get it checked.
As soon as he entered the hospital and was diagnosed with a mild heart attack, he was immediately admitted to the hospital where he was under treatment for four continuous days. A blood clot was causing the issue which was removed by inserting the catheter, which is a small tube, through his veins and was directed to the spot of blood clot where it was dissolved, which is an advanced technology for the treatment of blood clot. He was availed of the cure immediately, treated well for four days and sent back to Cork, fit and fine. This was such a great relief for him. Now he is busy in his daily life just like nothing happened ever.
No one asked him anything in return, not even a word of thank you. He was treated dutifully professionally, without having an iota of doubt or question about his nationality, religion, status, nationality, isn’t it worth praising. It is no doubt.
I would also like to mention here the incident of a person who originally belonged to Pakistan but was granted the nationality of UK. He was treated for his cancer or something I don’t exactly remember but the procedure was very expensive but he was treated at the state’s expense. I remember that guy for only one comment of his which he gave about the Britons generally that no matter what they do they are just non-Muslims, and tried to belittle the favor they did to that guy.
It’s really heart wrecking.
About my personal experience, I would like to have a break for now as I need to have some rest today because I was operated on just today. I really wanted this off my chest so I started writing without any rest.   

Wait for the next episode, will be published soon.


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