Software Tester Course in Cork Training Center

This is a great opportunity provided by great nations to their own nationals on the expense of the Taxpayer that they train you for your future jobs and then the trainee starts the job and contribute to the society in form of taxes and then these taxes are used to train newer generations. This is how you build a great nation.
The countries like Pakistan, where I come from, only invest in corruption, every department from A to Z only invest in corruption. They take their taxpayer’s money to convert that into dollars and keep them safe into foreign accounts. Every taxpayer of Pakistan is punished because he wanted the country to flourish and not the politicians and bureaucracy only.  The establishment is also part of the corruption as they receive the cheque for an unchecked amount. They are not answerable to anyone for their expenditures. Only taxpayers suffer. Everyone else is king.
Anyhow, I became part of this great nation’s great programme. I started my journey as a software tester student. This was my first time studying in any western institution; I was surprised by the cool and calm way of teaching of our instructor, teacher Sir, Ed O Reilly. His way of teaching is so easy going and encouraging that no one can ever feel left behind. He always encourages us to ask questions and pushes us to feel confident in the study environment. His teaching is like storytelling, students enjoy being taught.
I don’t know about others but I am enjoying this study wholeheartedly. I am feeling the environment of a software company building up in my mind.  None of the students in our class has any demeaning or bad attitude towards each other. We are a class full of various ethnic background. We have Asian, Egyptian, Brazilian, and European students in our class and they get along very well. None of the students is annoying or disturbing, everyone is friendly.   There is no racism there are no boundaries. These boundaries are created only when someone comes along and try to manipulate your minds into seeing those unseen boundaries that only exist if let them exist.

I am loving my education, my teacher, my institution and most of all, I am loving Ireland, a great country full of great people. 


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