My Right To Question.... from Here There In Between

This is an article written by me for the book," Here There In Between", published by Cork City Library, titled as "My Right To Question On The Day Of Human Rights", which I wrote specifically for honouring the Human Rights day which is observed on 10th of December every year, here it goes.

To question is the beginning of the learning process. To question is proof of a healthy and curious mind which has analyzed some situation initially and developed a sense of curiosity about it, and wants to know further. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights also recognizes this right as a right to seek information under article 19 of it. Questioning is something which starts the process of development of thoughts, otherwise human civilization would never have developed into forming a charter of rights of this kind. On this auspicious day, I want to assert my right to question to anyone who wants my allegiance in any form.

There is no authority which can bereave me of my rights as an individual, the freedoms I hold, the liberties I have, no one can. If someone wants to put constraints on my rights then I have a right to question that authority whether it be human or divine.

Why am I told when I am born that this way of life will lead to eternal good and this will not?  A standard of good, but established by who-who is the ultimate fixer of the standard of good or evil?  What is good and what is evil?  Should I accept something as a standard of good because it has been told to me since my birth, or should I analyze the world around me and make an impression of good and evil when my intellect is developed enough to analyze for myself?  What if my intellect tells me something otherwise than what I was told to believe?

And if am not believing what I was told, am I causing offence to someone?  Apparently, in the current times I observe so that I am.  By questioning the dogmas around me I always cause offence to someone.  But offence is a sign for the brilliant minds to grow more, not the other way around. For weaker minds, it’s a matter of life and death. A weaker mind can take offence from a question and will make it an excuse for the launching of an offensive against you.

But I want an absolute authority to question everyone, even God – to ask Him why He created evil, if he was not happy with it. Why He created sinners if He wanted to punish them, why He chose some people to be superior to others and called them prophets. Why He cannot communicate with people directly without prophets. Why He wants so badly to be worshipped, to feel like a God. Why is He so insecure.  Why He never listens to the prayers of those who die of hunger in the famine-stricken areas. Why even any famine-stricken areas exist. Why God is short of food for them and not for the others. Why He never comes to rescue the people who are murdered in His name – after all it’s a matter of integrity for Him as well.  Why is He so anti-social and never shows up to His people? I would like to hear if He is suffering from some sort of Social Phobias. I might be of some help in this matter.

Yes, I have a right to question and I also expect some answers from those of whom I have asked the questions. On this day of perseverance of Human Rights I have this message for everyone; let’s stop taking offence and start building bridges by starting a discussion. Let’s start talking before it’s too late to take offence even. Let not our offence lead the world in chaos towards a path of destruction. Let's stop taking offense and start a discussion – I have a question for you.


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