In the history of the Irish refugees, this is the first time that they have been granted the right to work. Earlier this opportunity was not available to them.  This development in the asylum law came after the landmark judgment of the Irish  Supreme Court on the petition of a former asylum seeker and currently refugee, who spent eight years in the process of asylum and could not avail himself the opportunity of a job because of the restrictive asylum law at that time. Now because of his efforts, hundreds have been benefited. You must be wondering why I am saying hundreds and not thousands as the number of asylum seekers in Ireland is nearly 5000 or more.
I am still saying hundreds because the government of Ireland was allowed by the Supreme court to create rules of procedure so the government made this right of work available to a restricted class of asylum seekers. How?
Let me explain. Only those asylum seekers are allowed who have not received their first decision on their asylum petition in 9 months then they can apply but the ones who are already on appeal stages cannot avail of the opportunity. Luckily I was among those who were eligible under the current law, so I applied and got the work permission.
Another positive development which came along with the work permission was that it also gives the right to get technical training before the job. I was longing for this kind of opportunity since the time I came to Ireland.
I was already a law graduate when I came to Ireland, so the basic courses which were available generally like English speaking or similar kind of basic courses was of no interest to me. But this was a great chance for me to get into the kid of education I was looking for. During my stay in Ireland, I learned web development through online courses and I wanted to further my studies in this filed now. With the work permission, this opportunity landed in my lap and I got hold of it immediately.
Honestly, I owe a lot to Ireland, this country has given me a lot of love and care which I needed badly as an asylum seeker. I am fortunate to come to Ireland at this point of time when asylum law is already developed a bit into the favour of asylum seekers.
Coming back to the point, so I immediately signed up for the course of Software Tester in the Cork Training Centre.

To Be Continued…….Read the Last Part here. 


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