Today the Pakistani community, mostly single males, celebrated the Independence Day of Pakistan in the asylum center. It was fun mostly, they played national anthems, songs, Indian songs and had a lot of fun followed by food at the end. But Just before leaving the place some of them wanted to express what they felt about their situation generally, suddenly they started blaming the white people for their current unstable situation.
I kind of disagree with them on the point that Pakistanis are suffering because of the white people, Pakistani passport was a valuable document some 30, 40 years ago which is now worthless.
 As of now, it is at the top second position from the bottom in the list of worst passports.
This is not because some white people were exploiting the resources of Pakistan. Every now and then IMF and World Bank actually came to the aid of Pakistan and UNO actually started various aid ventures in the Pakistani, calamity-hit areas.
Pakistan is suffering economically because of the corruption which is rampant in each and every sector, department, and institutions including the judiciary, Army, and bureaucracy of Pakistan. I don’t have to name the politicians in the list because they are the most vulnerable class who actually take the blame of every kind of corruption, whether it is done by Army, Judiciary or Buearucracy.  It’s not that they spare the nation any bit, it's just that they take the blame for all of the corruption but they are just a small part of the embezzlement that is done in the accounts of Pakistani taxpayers money.
Most of all Army is using the funds unapologetically for whatever kind of purposes they want without being answerable to anyone. This is ridiculous. They are Gods in Pakistan and worshiped like Gods. No one is willing to hear a word against Army as they are the supposed saviors of Pakistan while politicians are the worst creatures. Bureaucracy is another white elephant, just hidden from the eyes of a common man.
We only see and hear politicians and see that they promise a lot while having no power, but as soon as they get the hold of power they also feel hands tied due to the hold of corrupt bureaucracy in the institutions of Pakistan but who likes to think about all this detailed nonsense, its just very easy to blame politicians so that’s what Pakistanis do eagerly.
Anyhow, I am not saying that politicians are powerless and helpless at the hands of bureaucracy, it's just that they lack the will to work for the development of the country. They just become the part of the tide and don’t like to swim against it as that requires a real-time effort and a strong will which exist out of their comfort zones.
General Pakistani public is not owned by anyone, they feel happy for the country without any reason, just because they were born there. They don’t even think that they lack a lot of things in their lives just because they were born in Pakistan. It’s like if I am born in a Muslim family then only true religion is Islam and the same goes for the Christian family.
How anyone’s birth can decide everything in the life of any person. Once you are old enough to think critically then start to think like that. No one is ever going to think for you. That’s what you have to do yourself. That is why you have been given an independent brain and not a shared one. Your brain is there for you to use. No one else should have the ability to manipulate your brain for their own purposes.
On this day of Independence for Pakistanis, I would suggest every Pakistani to think like an adult and hold those people responsible for Pakistan’s worst situation, who actually are.  Just blaming the white people is not going to make Pakistanis any better ever for the all times to come. It’s only Pakistanis themselves who can make themselves better by taking the reins of power in their own hands.


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