What happens in the life of an asylum seeker?  Life of an asylum seeker is suspended on the ropes of uncertainty. They don’t know from the first day when they decide to take the first step towards an uncertain destination, in search of a safe and secure life away from the threats they face, oblivion of the fact that their first step could be a step towards the end of their life or towards even a worse life.

It’s only a hope that drags them all along towards the secure shores and places. Who is willing to leave his beloved country and caring family for a journey towards an uncertain life?

Not everyone is courageous enough to take that first step. How many have died on their ways to reach some safe places.  They were not sure they would reach their destination but still, they took that first step.

While counting the days of my life and counting the hours, minutes and seconds of each passing day in this asylum accommodation, I still think that life of an asylum seeker is still uncertain in my situation. Every one of us here is unaware of the future to come. We don’t know whether we are gonna be able to stay here or we will have to run, due to a negative decision, towards another destination. Many of us shave spent here more than ten years in the system. After that, they are handed a negative decision to tell them that they don’t belong here. It’s not a pleasant life but leave that for another day, today let’s talk specifically about the interview problems which asylum seekers face.

The process of an interview is not that easy process. It’s not only the case of an asylum seeker that matters, but a lot of other aspects also go into the consideration of a single asylum case, hearing and decision.  There are people who are not confident enough to speak properly in a tense environment, in front of the authorities.

They try to explain, their issues to the authorities but fumble and mumble, not because they are not sure about their issues but because they are confused and under pressure.

I am able to narrate all this because I have been there and done that.  I am a law graduate and have been a lawyer in the past so I was pretty confident in that environment but I saw the conduct of the interviewer and I have experienced the pressure they mount. It was not a friendly environment there.
You are questioned and rebutted even on petty matters, just to shake your confidence and break you off. That environment is not the one that is created to extract the details of your case. I particularly felt that, this kind of environment is just the proponent of the policy of the government if I would say safely, to increase the refusals and allow only a few.

Other than that the temperament of the interviewer does count a lot. My friend got an interviewer who was very calm and cool minded, asked every question and recorded the answers but did not try to deny his credibility just for the sake of shaking the confidence of the interviewee. Mine was just the opposite and exactly like I explained. She denied the documents of a European government in my file, which even mentioned the name, number, email and all the contacts of that relevant department just for the sake of what?

It’s not a question on the credibility of that document. It’s a question on the ability of that person. For example, if someone denies accepting the credibility of the constitution of Ireland, it will not nullify the Irish Constitution but it will definitely give you the idea about the credibility of the one who is denying this constitution.

I don’t know whether this is a flaw in the policy of the Irish government who wants to increase the number of refusals or, it’s the flaw of the hiring department which was unable to hire an authentic person to the post, who could actually tell the right from wrong.

I am not being mean to anyone, I have not mentioned the name of anyone, it’s just that what I felt when I was there for my interview for asylum.  

Who is responsible for a wrongful appoint to a responsible post.   The interviewer for my friend was not Irish and was not very good in English as well. Who is responsible for the mistakes she could make in an during the recording of an interview, which they usually do by typing on a computer.

Any small mistake can change the meaning of a whole sentence. For example, I was asked a trick question by my interviewer that if I felt safe in Ireland and my answer was like” laws and policies of Pakistan does not protect me”. But my interviewer actually omitted to write Pakistan in the sentence and it came out as laws and policies don’t protect me, as if I was talking about Ireland.

This is a small typo mistake but crucial for my case as it could mean that Ireland was not safe for me. Though I got it corrected but still, if I had not checked this then what.

Normal standard procedure for asylum interview is to discredit a person on the basis of dates he could tell from the top of his head.  

The matter of dates is like no one could remember easily the exact date of the events in his life. So whatever you write in your application, they will test your memory for dates and don’t get me wrong here I am talking about the dates of your school degree, college degree, certificates, and not about the ones directly related to the asylum case. They will actually discredit you on petty things like date of your marriage, divorce, first certificate and first day in college which has nothing to do with your case. This is a standard procedure.

Other than that if a person is inherently biased towards asylum seekers, there is no way to test that. They can be there, in the most responsible position and could be deciding the matters of life and death, harming your case, because of that inherent bias against asylum seekers.

This does not end here, many asylum seekers who ask for the translators, they are totally dependent on the translation and understanding of the translator. Now there is no way to find out for the asylum seeker to check the translation and the intent which the asylum seeker wanted to portray is reflected in the translation as well.

Many of the asylum seeker run from their threatening situations but unable to provide any proofs which they could not think of collecting while running from their hazardous situations. So they lack the required evidence to prove the legitimacy of their case.

There could be many more issues than one. If interview of an asylum seeker has not gone well, that would translate into a refusal of his asylum case, but that could not mean for sure his case was ingenuine or untrue.  Refusal could be because of lack of evidence but that does not mean, asylum seeker lied, its just that no one thinks of collecting evidence before running from a danger and not every kind of event can be recorded in some form of evidence. So mere refusal on a case does not discredit the asylum seeker, it’s just that he could not prove his case, sometimes refusals are based only on minor things like the wrong mentioning of an irrelevant date in the case. Which should not happen but it does.  

Claiming asylum, leaving your loved ones behind, accepting a life of uncertainty, facing the sharp-edged question of harsh authorities, is not an ideal situation which everyone dreams of. 

Try to feel that in your hearts and understand the situation of those who go through such circumstances. They should be appreciated for their uncertain but courageous step towards an unknown, uncertain destination.  

It’s been two days now since I was operated for removal of a cyst, so far I am feeling pretty fine without any noticeable pain. I was treated very nicely, by the whole surgical team and my Attendant in the ward Ms Sarah. I asked her whether she knew that I was an asylum seeker, just to have an idea, whether they can guess from our given address of an asylum centre about our status.

She replied in negative and also told me that she never encountered an asylum seeker in the hospital. I am just trying to say I did not feel even a bit of discomfort on the face of anyone for my skin colour or for me being an asylum seeker and being treated there.

Everyone was incredibly nice, I was assigned a bed and a chair in the ward but I never used the bed as I was more comfortable in the chair.

The most incredible and funny incident of that day was that I did not have an iota of an idea before entering the hospital about my scheduled surgery as I did not read my letter properly.

I had been occupied with the preparation of my Interview in the justice office which was scheduled for the same week and I read the letter from the hospital with a cursory look and thought it was for some kind of test.

On the day when my surgery was scheduled, I went to hospital under the impression of being invited for some sort of medical test there. After reaching the proper department i.e. admission office and after making my presence marked with the lady at the reception, I read the letter in detail while sitting in the waiting area. I know this was a significantly careless attitude of me about that letter but I was really under pressure since the time I received the letter from the justice department about my second interview on Asylum Case. Actually, it was a second interview without a decision on my case. So I was occupied with the preparation of my interview all this time and could not give the due attention to the surgery letter, it needed.

So it dawned on me as a shock when I read the precautionary instruction given in the letter about bringing a dressing gown and slippers as I was to walk to the operation theatre.  I immediately rushed to the reception and told the lady the actual situation but she said if I wanted another appointment, the surgeon doctor will be in a better position to decide about that. So I had to get admission in the surgical ward.

Letter also stated that, I might need a help of a handler at the time of leaving, so I called my friends about my situation and told them to be ready, In case I needed some kind of help after the surgery.

My friends were also shocked to hear about my surgery as this topic never came up in our discussions, like ever.

Anyhow I diced to give it a go. Ms Sarah, My attendant, in the ward, was very nice, The doctor on duty, I don’t remember the name though, was very nice and he actually explained to me in detail, the procedure of my surgery and that I would be administered only a local anaesthetic meaning thereby I will be awake during my surgery and only the spot under treatment will be numb. It was new for me.
I had been treated in the past for my kidney stones but I was not awake and under the influence of an anaesthetic and completely unconscious. This was my first time with a local anaesthetic and without any family or friend by my side.   But this is quite a notice worthy fact that at this time when nobody is with you, how the hospital staff takes care of you in a very welcoming manner is worth appreciating. They don’t make you feel, not cared for, unattended or lonely. I left a thank you note for Dr. Adrian, my surgeon, Ms Sarah, my attendant in the ward and the whole staff and surgical team in the operation theatre, before I left the hospital that day.

Another beautiful thing which I noticed that day was, when I was taken to the operation theatre, I saw a combination of nationalities in the operation theatre, I saw African, Indian, Pakistani, doctors and nurses all working together under the observation of My Irish Surgeon, Dr. Adrian Ireland.  

It was a beautiful sight, looking at them all working together to make one patient’s life better regardless of the fact, who he or she is. There was no hatred, no racism, no discrimination but an environment of love and integration.

I had been constantly asked whether I was doing fine during the actual surgical procedure, to be honest, other than the stinging I felt in the beginning when I was being administered a local anaesthetic, I did not feel a thing and in a very painless manner the whole procedure of surgery and stiches was completed remarkably by the doctor and the whole team present there.

I was told to get up slowly after the completion of surgery, I felt I was completely fine, I did not feel any weakness or dizziness, when I got up to sit in the wheel chair, provided by the staff as a standard procedure for taking patients to the ward, I felt I was able to walk to the ward but I was not allowed to. Anyhow when I came to the ward, I preferred to sit in the chair because of the stiches on my upper back.   Ms Sarah asked me if I wanted anything, juice, tea or coffee, though I did not feel the need of anything but she insisted so I asked for a cup of black coffee, which actually I really enjoyed as it relaxed my body a bit and relieved the pressure off of my nerves.

I notified my friends about my perfect condition and told them that I would be able to be back on my own. I sat there for a while and enjoyed two cups of coffee, walked up to the washroom in the ward, I felt  completely fine to go back to centre on my own.

I notified the nurse at the reception within the ward that I was fine and wanted to leave, she replied that she was waiting for my discharge letter which came in a few minutes and I was allowed to leave the hospital along with a few replaceable bandages. Ms. Sarah also explained to me the procedure of cleaning the stitched spot and changing the bandages. I could not leave without leaving a thank you note to all of them.

I went alone in the hospital but because of them and their welcoming environment, did not feel lonely a bit and was able to go through the surgical procedure and be back on own, with ease and without having any friends and family by my side, which they would have if notified earlier about my operation.

Other than the stiches on my body and a scar, this incident only left pleasant memories and lovely impressions on my mind and heart. Thank you Dr. Adrian and team, Ms. Sarah and most specifically thank you Ireland, I am in love with you.

The last thing I wrote about my account was that of sending an email to justice office for the provision of attested copies of my ID documents which I am still waiting.
In the meanwhile, Miss Kay from the administration staff of Cork Training Centre called me up in the office and inquired about the returning back of the payments made by the college into my given account of AIB.
I explained to her the actual situation I was going through for the account. She was kind enough to contact the head office of AIB. They instructed me to call into the bank and get the issue of my address sorted out which they said was wrong with my account which was not the reason I was told when I was in the bank myself.
Anyhow, Miss Kay wrote a letter about the returning of payments from the bank and handed that to me for dropping in the bank the next day. So I went to the bank, my address got corrected supposedly, they took the letter of Miss Kay, made it part of their record and asked me to provide the same documents which I provided them earlier for the proof of my address. But this time they actually activated my account as I received a call from the bank Employee, and I Also received the pin of my student debit card in my post next day.  This is how this drama of account came to an end.
But let me tell you, if you are an asylum seeker and you go and tell the banks about it, they actually treat you with ridicule. I felt it during my struggle for opening an account.
What happened to me, I can keep that to myself, but what is the use of that. My incident can actually open the eyes of many asylum seekers going through the same situation, facing the same ridicule. Any NGO can pick up this story and make it a reason for launching a new campaign for the sake of asylum seeker’s identity issues.
I suffered because I provided my genuine documents to the Justice office and I was given a card which stated on the face of it that it did not confirm my identity. I came with an identity but I immediately lost it. So these issues should be highlighted to make people understand the issues asylum seeker deal with.

The blogs I write generally, giving out the real-time and first-hand information about my personal experiences as an asylum seeker and my observations are not seemingly very supportive of the general stance of various NGO’s working for the rights of asylum seekers but trust me I support these NGO’s because where we are in terms of the granting of the rights of asylum seekers is because of the undeterred work of many NGO’s.
But when we give credit to many NGOs for their work for the asylum seekers’ rights we should also give credit to the people where it is due. I am talking about the medical facilities provided to the asylum seekers in general at the expense of Taxpayers of Ireland plus the UNO’s fund allocated for asylum seekers.
Though the work rights were not available to asylum seekers until recently when they were granted a limited right to work and training. The basic requirements of an asylum seeker as soon as he arrives in Ireland are taken care of i.e. food, clothes, residence and medical treatment.  
Though there is a lot of debate about the pros and cons of Direct Provision System, as far as the basic requirements of asylum seekers are concerned, they are well taken care of, regardless of the fact that residing conditions in some asylum residences are very poor and needs improvement though.
Anyway, one of the basic requirement is the medical treatment which is free for the asylum seekers, I know many of my friends who are under constant medical treatment for diabetes and regularly booked for various medical tests to asses their physical condition and totally free.
I will narrate my personal experience but before that, I would like to mention an incident happened with one of my friends in the Asylum Accommodation who was treated immediately for a Heart Attack.
One of my friends, we call him “s” for the purposes of privacy, went to Dublin for some reason. A pain started in his chest which was negligible and he ignored it for the better part of one day or two but when it did not show any signs of going away when he decided to get it checked.
As soon as he entered the hospital and was diagnosed with a mild heart attack, he was immediately admitted to the hospital where he was under treatment for four continuous days. A blood clot was causing the issue which was removed by inserting the catheter, which is a small tube, through his veins and was directed to the spot of blood clot where it was dissolved, which is an advanced technology for the treatment of blood clot. He was availed of the cure immediately, treated well for four days and sent back to Cork, fit and fine. This was such a great relief for him. Now he is busy in his daily life just like nothing happened ever.
No one asked him anything in return, not even a word of thank you. He was treated dutifully professionally, without having an iota of doubt or question about his nationality, religion, status, nationality, isn’t it worth praising. It is no doubt.
I would also like to mention here the incident of a person who originally belonged to Pakistan but was granted the nationality of UK. He was treated for his cancer or something I don’t exactly remember but the procedure was very expensive but he was treated at the state’s expense. I remember that guy for only one comment of his which he gave about the Britons generally that no matter what they do they are just non-Muslims, and tried to belittle the favor they did to that guy.
It’s really heart wrecking.
About my personal experience, I would like to have a break for now as I need to have some rest today because I was operated on just today. I really wanted this off my chest so I started writing without any rest.   

Wait for the next episode, will be published soon.

Today the Pakistani community, mostly single males, celebrated the Independence Day of Pakistan in the asylum center. It was fun mostly, they played national anthems, songs, Indian songs and had a lot of fun followed by food at the end. But Just before leaving the place some of them wanted to express what they felt about their situation generally, suddenly they started blaming the white people for their current unstable situation.
I kind of disagree with them on the point that Pakistanis are suffering because of the white people, Pakistani passport was a valuable document some 30, 40 years ago which is now worthless.
 As of now, it is at the top second position from the bottom in the list of worst passports.
This is not because some white people were exploiting the resources of Pakistan. Every now and then IMF and World Bank actually came to the aid of Pakistan and UNO actually started various aid ventures in the Pakistani, calamity-hit areas.
Pakistan is suffering economically because of the corruption which is rampant in each and every sector, department, and institutions including the judiciary, Army, and bureaucracy of Pakistan. I don’t have to name the politicians in the list because they are the most vulnerable class who actually take the blame of every kind of corruption, whether it is done by Army, Judiciary or Buearucracy.  It’s not that they spare the nation any bit, it's just that they take the blame for all of the corruption but they are just a small part of the embezzlement that is done in the accounts of Pakistani taxpayers money.
Most of all Army is using the funds unapologetically for whatever kind of purposes they want without being answerable to anyone. This is ridiculous. They are Gods in Pakistan and worshiped like Gods. No one is willing to hear a word against Army as they are the supposed saviors of Pakistan while politicians are the worst creatures. Bureaucracy is another white elephant, just hidden from the eyes of a common man.
We only see and hear politicians and see that they promise a lot while having no power, but as soon as they get the hold of power they also feel hands tied due to the hold of corrupt bureaucracy in the institutions of Pakistan but who likes to think about all this detailed nonsense, its just very easy to blame politicians so that’s what Pakistanis do eagerly.
Anyhow, I am not saying that politicians are powerless and helpless at the hands of bureaucracy, it's just that they lack the will to work for the development of the country. They just become the part of the tide and don’t like to swim against it as that requires a real-time effort and a strong will which exist out of their comfort zones.
General Pakistani public is not owned by anyone, they feel happy for the country without any reason, just because they were born there. They don’t even think that they lack a lot of things in their lives just because they were born in Pakistan. It’s like if I am born in a Muslim family then only true religion is Islam and the same goes for the Christian family.
How anyone’s birth can decide everything in the life of any person. Once you are old enough to think critically then start to think like that. No one is ever going to think for you. That’s what you have to do yourself. That is why you have been given an independent brain and not a shared one. Your brain is there for you to use. No one else should have the ability to manipulate your brain for their own purposes.
On this day of Independence for Pakistanis, I would suggest every Pakistani to think like an adult and hold those people responsible for Pakistan’s worst situation, who actually are.  Just blaming the white people is not going to make Pakistanis any better ever for the all times to come. It’s only Pakistanis themselves who can make themselves better by taking the reins of power in their own hands.
This is a great opportunity provided by great nations to their own nationals on the expense of the Taxpayer that they train you for your future jobs and then the trainee starts the job and contribute to the society in form of taxes and then these taxes are used to train newer generations. This is how you build a great nation.
The countries like Pakistan, where I come from, only invest in corruption, every department from A to Z only invest in corruption. They take their taxpayer’s money to convert that into dollars and keep them safe into foreign accounts. Every taxpayer of Pakistan is punished because he wanted the country to flourish and not the politicians and bureaucracy only.  The establishment is also part of the corruption as they receive the cheque for an unchecked amount. They are not answerable to anyone for their expenditures. Only taxpayers suffer. Everyone else is king.
Anyhow, I became part of this great nation’s great programme. I started my journey as a software tester student. This was my first time studying in any western institution; I was surprised by the cool and calm way of teaching of our instructor, teacher Sir, Ed O Reilly. His way of teaching is so easy going and encouraging that no one can ever feel left behind. He always encourages us to ask questions and pushes us to feel confident in the study environment. His teaching is like storytelling, students enjoy being taught.
I don’t know about others but I am enjoying this study wholeheartedly. I am feeling the environment of a software company building up in my mind.  None of the students in our class has any demeaning or bad attitude towards each other. We are a class full of various ethnic background. We have Asian, Egyptian, Brazilian, and European students in our class and they get along very well. None of the students is annoying or disturbing, everyone is friendly.   There is no racism there are no boundaries. These boundaries are created only when someone comes along and try to manipulate your minds into seeing those unseen boundaries that only exist if let them exist.

I am loving my education, my teacher, my institution and most of all, I am loving Ireland, a great country full of great people. 

In the history of the Irish refugees, this is the first time that they have been granted the right to work. Earlier this opportunity was not available to them.  This development in the asylum law came after the landmark judgment of the Irish  Supreme Court on the petition of a former asylum seeker and currently refugee, who spent eight years in the process of asylum and could not avail himself the opportunity of a job because of the restrictive asylum law at that time. Now because of his efforts, hundreds have been benefited. You must be wondering why I am saying hundreds and not thousands as the number of asylum seekers in Ireland is nearly 5000 or more.
I am still saying hundreds because the government of Ireland was allowed by the Supreme court to create rules of procedure so the government made this right of work available to a restricted class of asylum seekers. How?
Let me explain. Only those asylum seekers are allowed who have not received their first decision on their asylum petition in 9 months then they can apply but the ones who are already on appeal stages cannot avail of the opportunity. Luckily I was among those who were eligible under the current law, so I applied and got the work permission.
Another positive development which came along with the work permission was that it also gives the right to get technical training before the job. I was longing for this kind of opportunity since the time I came to Ireland.
I was already a law graduate when I came to Ireland, so the basic courses which were available generally like English speaking or similar kind of basic courses was of no interest to me. But this was a great chance for me to get into the kid of education I was looking for. During my stay in Ireland, I learned web development through online courses and I wanted to further my studies in this filed now. With the work permission, this opportunity landed in my lap and I got hold of it immediately.
Honestly, I owe a lot to Ireland, this country has given me a lot of love and care which I needed badly as an asylum seeker. I am fortunate to come to Ireland at this point of time when asylum law is already developed a bit into the favour of asylum seekers.
Coming back to the point, so I immediately signed up for the course of Software Tester in the Cork Training Centre.

To Be Continued…….Read the Last Part here. 

In order to make it clear for the people who don’t have any information about those regulations. I am going to give the details of the regulations here so that other asylum seekers could also fight with bankers about their rights.
During the presentation by a representative of the Department of Justice Ireland, we the asylum seekers were given a booklet, titled as;

In which there was information regarding opening an account in the bank. The information as provided by them was this

The EU Payment Accounts Directive (i) was transposed in Ireland by way of the European Union (Payment Accounts) Regulations 2016 (ii). As a result, since 18 September 2016, any consumer who is legally resident in the European Union and who does not already have a payment account with a credit institution in the State has the right to open and use a payment account with basic features.

Regulation 15 of the European Union (Payment Accounts) Regulations 2016 explicitly states that a consumer who is legally resident in the European Union (within the meaning of Article 2(2) of the EU Payment Accounts Directive) (iii) has this right regardless of his or her place of residence and regardless of whether he or she has a fixed address, is an asylum seeker, or is a consumer who has not been granted a residence permit but whose expulsion is not possible for legal or practical reasons.
A payment account with basic features is like a regular payment account in several respects but does not offer credit facilities i.e. overdrafts. All of the credit institutions provide payment accounts with basic features. These accounts are free of charge for the first year for regular payment transactions in euro within the European Union. The credit institution may charge a reasonable fee for non-euro transactions and transactions to non-EU countries.
Where the consumer lodges less than the equivalent of national minimum wage to the account in a year (currently €19,240) the account stays free of charge on a year-by-year basis for five years. After that, the credit institution can charge reasonable fees.
When opening a bank account the standard documentation which may be used for the purpose of verifying identity is one item of photographic ID (typically to verify name and date of birth) and one item of non-photographic IDs (typically to verify address). This does not prevent the use of two documents under the heading "Photographic ID" for the identification of name, date of birth and address. Depending on the risk assessment of the customer, additional ID verification may be required.
Guidelines on the prevention of the use of the financial system for the purpose of money laundering and terrorist financing are available on website of the Department of Finance (iv). Appendix 2 of these guidelines is a non-exhaustive and non-mandatory list of alternative documents that can be used to verify identity in circumstances where a prospective customer cannot, for justifiable reasons, meet the standard identification and verification requirements, or has experienced difficulties in the past when seeking to open accounts.
iii. "legally resident in the Union’ means where a natural person has the right to reside in a Member State by virtue of Union or national law, including consumers with no fixed address and persons seeking asylum under the Geneva Convention of 28 July 1951 Relating to the Status of Refugees, the Protocol thereto of 31 January 1967 and other relevant international treaties."

This booklet(you can find it here)  But with all these laws in my favour what happened in the bank with me, let me explain.

Incident at the AIB
Financial Institutions run the countries so they have kind of hold over the laws of the country and can pretty much pick and choose from the given laws. So that’s what happened with me. When I approached the banks with the information I was provided by the justice office. Initially they treated me with sort of humiliating manner and refused to open an account but after pressing them about the laws and my rights, AIB opened an account for me on  the basis of my PPS and all the other documents which were provided to me by the justice office including their signed Letters and Labour Market Access Permission.
AIB opened my account reluctantly but did not activate it. After that when I tried to use the account after a week it was not active or was shown as invalid in the ATM machine. So I contacted the bank and I was informed by the staff that AIB had a high-level meeting with the govt officials and they agreed that the account for asylum seekers with the documents provided to them by justice office should not be opened and I was forced by the bank to write a letter to get the certified copies of my Passport and other ID’s from the Justice Office. They assured me that if I get the attested copies from the justice Office, they will activate my account.
Now the issue is according to the EU directive an asylum seeker is allowed to have an account opened in EU and an asylum seeker can be the one without any documents of some sort. Sometimes they flee from war torn countries without proper documents or get smuggled.

My Identity
But my problem is that I provided my real documents to the justice office confirming my Identity but I was given a card by them which stated on the face of it that this card does not confirm the identity of the person.
I tried to follow the law and co-operate with the authorities. This was the reward that my identity was confirmed until I handed my passport to the authorities. After that my identity became doubtful.
The people who claim asylum and never provide the Identity documents, they are hard to deport as their country of origin is not known. They use their Identity documents to open an account in EU but fool the Official authorities, they are better as they play with rules. People like me follow the rules and get stuck. 
Other than that as per EU directive, I am a legally resident person in EU, as I have already spent more than 3 years in Ireland but bank actually refused me that right as well.
Now I have written to the justice office about providing me with the attested copies of my Identity documents but I am still waiting till today i.e.07-08-2018, whereas I applied for the account before 23rd of July 2018.
It could be possible that AIB might have settled with the justice office that they would not honor such requests of the asylum seekers, I don’t know.
I still have not contacted the banking ombudsman about it. I don’t know whether my complaint would be honored there or not as these financial institutions are so powerful that no authority would dare take any action. Only the powerless people suffer like us.

Note: My Bank account got activated, how, read here.

Sometimes when you are a completely law abiding citizen, it does not go into your favor, that’s what I learned from my personal experience when I tried to open an account which was actually required by the institutions where I started a new course to process my traveling charges.
I am an asylum seeker in Ireland. This is August 2018. Asylum seekers have been granted the right to access the labour market very recently. The Criteria for the labour permission was very restricted but luckily I was among those lucky ones who were eligible to apply for Labour Market Access Permission (LMAP). So I applied for it and was granted the permission for six months. Another great thing which was permissible alongside the Permission to access labour market was to get some technical training before accessing labour market. Meaning thereby if you wanted to apply for a certain job which required some technical training then you can get that training for free on the expense of taxpayer’s money. Which is indeed a great facility provided by the great nations to their nationals. This is called, “Nation Building”.   Not every country is not so efficient in providing such kind of opportunities to their people.   
Anyway, I started a training course, in the specific area of my interest. The training center was kind enough to award me the traveling expenses of 4.61 euros for the traveling of the whole week. Which did not make sense as the traveling pass for a week was costed 22 or 23 euros.
I later applied for a student traveling card and my weekly fare was reduced to 18 euros per week which I was able to afford because of the weekly payment given to the asylum seekers i.e. 21.60 euros.
Now you would be thinking why I needed a Bank Account. Let me explain, the training centre, where I started the training course, required a bank account to process the traveling expenses allowed by the government as 4.60 euros into an account only. There was no other way of the standard procedure of payment.  
Now for availing of the opportunity of getting the transportation money, I had to have a bank account. Which I could never have in Ireland due to the fact that while claiming asylum in Ireland. I handed all my identity documents and passport over to the Justice office. Which any law-abiding citizen would do i.e. to cooperate completely with the authorities as required by law. Which does not go into your favour all the time, I will explain in a moment why.
During my time in Ireland, I learned that, handing over your passport to the authorities was not a very wise move as far as staying in Ireland was concerned. The asylum seekers, who don’t give their passports to the authorities, they cannot be deported back to anywhere because the government has no means to verify their country of origin, which in return greatly increases the chance of getting the asylum application accepted by the Government because, in case of refusal, they can’t deport you anywhere. Plus when you keep your passport with you, you can get your account opened in the bank, avail of the facilities of credit cards and thereafter you can leave the country whenever you want to test another country for asylum on the basis of the same passport.   
But unfortunately I was not that wise so, I handed my identity documents and passport to the authorities who in return treated me with such a great respect and dignity that, they issued me a card which had my picture on it and it was explicitly stating that my identity was not confirmed and that card cannot be used as an ID card. This was such a great favour by the authorities in return of my obedience and cooperation with them that when I came to Ireland, my identity was confirmed but as soon as I applied for asylum I became identity less. Isn’t that great, now no one can recognize you as you because the government says so.
On the other hand, the people who hide their documents and even their real identity, the government has no means to verify their identities and they always request them to cooperate in this regard. Which requests get no regards from the asylum seekers? These hideous asylum seekers get their accounts opened in the banks, make a good credit history, apply for credit cards, withdraw the amounts and run off to another country.
Whereas the people like me are punished for being law-abiding and cooperative persons.
Anyway, now as you know my passport was with the Irish authorities so I was not able to open an account in any bank. But this was the time when I needed this account.
There was a presentation In the asylum centre, where I was resided by the state, in which I got this information about certain rules according to which asylum seekers were eligible for a bank account.
I was very happy for acquiring that information. Thereafter I confirmed those regulations online that I was eligible to have an account opened by any bank.

Hello, folks! see you soon.